Pick 4 Evening

  1. Purchase a PICK 4 playcard from a licenced lottery vendor or get a Auto Pick ticket.

  2. Select the amount that you wish to play for: 50¢ or $6

  3. For each game play select a wager type: straight, box. Ask you retailer for a PICK 4 brochure for game explanation.

  4. Select one number between (0 and 9) from each column for a total of four digits, or choose Auto Pick to have your numbers selected randomly for you.
  5. STRAIGHT BET matches your numbers to the numbers drawn in the exact order.
  6. 24-WAY boxed bet, choose four different numbers (1,2,3,4).
    12-WAY boxed bet, choose two of the same numbers (1,2,2,4).
    6-WAY boxed bet, choose two sets of the same number (3,3,4,4).
    3-WAY boxed bet, choose three of the same numbers (2,2,2,4).
  7. BACK-UP BET combines a Straight bet and a Boxed bet on one ticket, must be played in $1 increments.
  8. Always be sure to check that the numbers and the dates are printed correctly on each ticket. For prizes and odds click here


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